Corporate Voice

Voice Workshop can offer a range of professional development days suitable for voice users. We have worked with a range of clients including call centres, teachers, entrepreneurs and barristers. We have focused on presentation skills, voice projection and vocal care and we are able to tailor the workshop to cater for your needs. We draw on a nationwide network of experienced coaches and we are able to select the specialist most suited to your needs.

Our recent Corporate Voice clinic was delivered by Orin Vallely (featured below), who presented a vocal care workshop to a group of teachers. The key areas of focus were:

  • Vocal loading and dealing with vocal fatigue – warming up and cooling down
  • Voice projection – finding your twanger and decreasing the vocal load (vocal life-saver)
  • Vocal care – a closer examination of vocal hygiene and voice care strategies

We offer the Corporate Voice programme to:

  • Business leaders and executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Telephone professionals
  • Public announcers
  • Teachers
  • Coaches

We offer highly interactive, enjoyable and beneficial group sessions. The sessions consist of a mix of information and practical, whole group exercises.


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