Exploring passive, PNF and AIS techniques for stretching the vocal apparatus with Stephen King - 9th June 2020, 5pm (UK time)

Course Description

Picture: Stephen King

The role of stretching in increasing or maintaining optimal function is a well documented field within the manual therapy or alternative medicine industries. However, vocal coaches, singers and other voice professionals will stretch, or even teach stretching in a non specific way, without understanding the variables for Stretching or indeed what muscles might benefit from being stretched in relation to voice production.

This online seminar glues relevant, up to date, theoretical information together with a practical focus, seeking to arm the student with a more succinct knowledge of stretching. With this knowledge, the student should be able to guide a stretching session based on locating relevant tension in the anatomy through a client centred body reading, and then prescribe either a PNF, AIS or Static stretch to aide the production of phonation.

About Stephen

Stephen specialises in the area of honing in on tension, and eliminating it in his singing teaching and manual therapy hybrid practice. Stephen’s breadth of genre knowledge sees him having worked with Hollywood A-Listers, and Disney Film Celebrities, to The 2018 World Champion Beatboxer, keeping them all in tip-top vocal health for whatever vocal load they have. Founding the multidisciplinary VOICE CARE CENTRE in 2017 with nothing but a dream of delivering specialist treatment to those suffering with their voices, Stephen has now become a leader in the field of holistic, multidisciplinary evaluation of both the voice, and the singer as a whole person. In 2019, the VOICE CARE CENTRE won the much sought after title of ‘Healthcare Provider of The Year 2019’ at the Industry Minds Awards for the contribution to mental health services in the creative arts.

Stephen initially qualified as a Raynor Massage Therapist (Diploma) and is one of the cohort of the only degree level massage qualification (Level 6 ACMT/BTEC) in the UK. He has studied extra modules in Spinal Manipulation (2019) and is currently on an Advanced Diploma in Medical Acupuncture (2020) (from Osteon Manual Therapy). Further to this, he has an Advanced Certificate in Myofascial Release (JING Advanced Massage Training) and two certificates in Laryngeal Manipulation (Jacob Lieberman 2017/2019), Stephen has also undertaken Laryngeal Dissection at King’s College, London (in 2019, 2020). Stephen also gained the first Level 7 Voice Pedagogy specific Postgraduate Certificate in the UK from the University of Wales, Trinity St David (Voice Workshop) and has since been awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Society of the Arts for his contribution to changing the stigma around vocal health.

Stephen is now an Educational Director at the Modern Vocal Training Institute in Malaga, where he is also the resident anatomy teacher. He has delivered seminars/ lecturers and theory to practicum sessions at the 1st and 2nd Voice Geek Conference in London, The Advancements in Pedagogy conference at LCM (London), The 2nd and 3rd World Voice Teacher’s Expo (Poland 2018, Spain 2020), The Swiss Beatbox Camp, (Poland 2019) The Grand Beatbox Battle (Poland 2020) and The European Vocal Camp 9th and 10th edition (Poland 2019, Poland 2020). He has coached on a season of The Voice (Belgium 2016) as well as generated YouTube content reaching 60 million viewers with Spirit Young Performers Company (2016-2017), Stephen has also trained speech therapists, massage therapists and vocal coaches in Vocal Massage, Vocal Health and Anatomy and Physiology, as well as delivering thousands of hours of Vocal Massage treatments a year.

With fellow Vocal Coach Lydia Easton, he set up Pro Voice Care, London which deals with both the technical and rehabilitative coaching of elite singers as well as pre/post surgery, or simply for the preparation of a demanding role. In 2020, Stephen co-founded; Vocal Health Education, a guarantee company (not for profit) which seeks to demystify the genre of singing voice rehabilitation and vocal health advice by launching a brand new training pathway titled; “Singing Voice Rehabilitation Specialist”.

Interested in attending?

If you would like to attend the 1 hour webinar on 9th June at 5pm (UK time), please email danielle@voiceworkshop.co.uk

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