'Introduction to Fitzmaurice Voicework' with Jedd Owen-Ellis Clark
Thursday 14th January, 5pm (UK time)

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Fitzmaurice Voicework combines adaptations of classical voice training techniques with modifications of yoga, shiatsu, bioenergetics, energy work, and many other disciplines (see primary sources for more information). This integration serves to harmonize the voluntary and involuntary aspects of the nervous system, and the voice.

Through deep and practical explorations of the dynamics between body, breath, voice, imagination, and language, the work develops vibrant voices that communicate intention and feeling without excess effort.

About Jedd Owen-Ellis Clark

Jedd Owen-Ellis Clark is a voice and singing specialist, practitioner, researcher, singer, writer and performer, teaching voice studies and practical vocal arts to actors, speakers and singers alike, at numerous conservatoire/university faculties and privately. He is a certified Fitzmaurice Voiceworkã teacher, and gained a MA [Distinction] in Practice of Voice and Singing from Guildford School of Acting, unique in its holistic practical study of interdisciplinary voice and singing pedagogies; he was awarded the Faculty Award from GSA in the same year.
His last song recital in 2016 encompassed 400 years of song in four languages, from baroque to 20th century, jazz standards, pop and modern musical theatre. This summer he has presented, performed and created workshops for an international voice conference on the theme of ‘fellowship singing’, and the challenging question: “Why do we come together – to sing?”. Half way between academic skills and practical exploration, working across both artistic disciplines of speech and song, from primitive and physical voice release to improving technical skills and vocal performance development, he works with individuals’ voices.

Dates, Times and Fees

5pm – 7pm (UK time)
Thursday 14th January

This course is free for Voice Workshop's MA students on the MA/PGCert Professional Practice (Voice Pedagogy) programme and £30 (VAT exclusive) otherwise.

If you would like to book a place on this course, please use the payment form below or email martina@voiceworkshop.co.uk.

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