In partnership between the Welsh Academy of Professional Practice, University of Wales (Trinity St David) and Voice Workshop Ltd.

MA/PG Cert Professional Practice (Voice Pedagogy) Singing Voice Pathway ONLINE - May 2021

MA Voice Pedagogy Online Course

Course Description

Our MA Voice Pedagogy is aimed at singing teachers who which to further develop their training and theoretical knowledge of the voice.

The MA Professional Practice (Voice Pedagogy) is delivered as a partnership between the Welsh Academy for Professional Practice (Trinity St David) and Voice Workshop. This innovative postgraduate pathway enables the academic study of vocal pedagogy and facilitates the research of new areas of learning. The modules allow for the design and implementation of new initiatives which seeks to contribute to an individual’s practice, organisation and professional network.

This online pathway has been developed for both International Students and UK students and the start date will be 4th May 2021. It is designed to explore the inter-relationship between theory and practice. The course consists of a number of ‘shell modules’ which allow you to choose your own personalised route. It is important that you explore relevant areas of research that relate closely to your practice and you will be closely mentored to facilitate this development.

The course consists of micro projects, allowing you to explore different aspects of your practice simultaneously.

When students are faced with the prospect of research, they are often unsure of where to begin. We provide a series of online videos which stimulate your imagination and allow you to explore different areas of research.

You will also receive step by step guidance on how to complete the assignments and engage in research.

The online videos will provide you with a core understanding upon which you can build and garner research ideas that can then be applied to your practice.  This course facilitates the exploration of a diverse and often conflicting field. You will be able to carve out your own pathway and draw your own conclusions.

It is ideal for those who are working as vocal coaches/singing teachers or for those from a music background who wish to gain a firmer understanding of vocal pedagogy.

For a sample of the online content, please contact darcie@voiceworkshop.co.uk

Video Prospectus

Course Structure

Programme of study Credits Length of course
PG Certificate 60 15 months
Remainder of the MA 120 18 months


Programme of study Credits Length of course
Full MA 180 33 months

The MA consists of 180 credits in total. There is an opportunity to exit with just 60 credits and a PGCert.

An MA is a lengthy commitment, spanning 33 months of intensive work which needs to be combined with a demanding professional life and family commitments. For this reason, we advise you to enrol on the PGCert and then continue on the MA pathway. This will enable you to decide if level 7 study fits in with your lifestyle and it also allows you to pay for each stage in instalments. Please be aware that the PGCert is part of the MA as it forms the first 60 credits, it is NOT a separate course. Within the UK, a PGCert is simply the first stage of the MA and exiting here results in a PGCert award. If you do not exit, you will simply continue onto the MA.

Is it possible to enrol onto the MA rather than the PGCert?

It is possible to enrol onto the MA from the outset. This will allow an application for a student loan to take place. This is an important consideration for UK students. The SLC will provide up to £10,000 of your tuition fees and this will be paid in instalments. Please note that once you enrol onto the MA you are contractually bound even if you do not complete it.

Module Structure

Module 1 – Introductory module designed for you to consider different areas of learning and how they relate to your practice. You will also plan your pending programme. Please see the student journeys in the prospectus for different approaches (15 Credits).

Module 2 – Introduction to research methods. This examines relevant research methodology appropriate to practitioner research (15 Credits).

Module 3 – Research report – This 30 credit report can be on any area of your choice. Students have researched a range of studies from Performance Anxiety, Singing for Lung Health, Singing for Trauma through to Sight Singing (30 credits).

The MA

Module 4 and 5 – This consists of two Independent Studies designed for you to consider any area of practice. You may engage in desktop research or conduct a micro research project. Students have researched Singing for Stroke, Adolescent Male and Female voices, Singing with Allergies, Performance Anxiety and Coaching and Mentoring (30 credits each, totalling 60 credits).

Module 6 –  Final dissertation on any area of your choice (60 credits).

Course Content

This course is highly flexible and self-determined and this freedom is highly attractive to practitioners. That said, carving an independent pathway with a view to developing practice can be daunting. We therefore offer a blended learning approach combining taught lectures with independent research. The lectures are diverse and act as a stimulus rather than a rigid syllabus. They provide a framework and act as a springboard, sparking areas of interest and exploration. Below is a list videos that will be available on the course:

  • Online Welcome and Introductory Session.
  • The Singing System: Basic Overview Videos delivered by Kate Cubley: Posture/Muscular Skeletal relationships, Breathing, Larynx and the Vocal Tract and Vocal Health. These videos are designed to give a basic overview of the singing system.
  • Body Cover Theory and Vocal Mass with Kerrie Obert
  • The Human Tongue and its capabilities with Kerrie Obert
  • Laryngeal height and its effect on resonance with Kerrie Obert
  • Practical Acoustics with Ken Bozeman
  • Understanding and dealing with Music Performance Anxiety by Dr David Juncos
  • MPA by Dr David Juncos
  • How to interpret an Endoscopy with Kerrie Obert
  • Voice Disorders by ENT Consultant Laryngologist with Declan Costello
  • Voice Disorders: Diagnosis and Treatment – through the lens of an SLP with Kerrie Obert
  • Common therapy programs used by SLPs in management of voice disorders
  • Introduction to Alba Technique with Kerrie Obert
  • Introduction to Chekhov technique by Kerrie Obert
  • Introduction to Knight Thompson Speech Work by Kerrie Obert
  • Introduction to CCM by Dr Trish Rooney
  • The Role of the Contemporary Singer and Teacher by Dr Trish Rooney
  • Singing Pedagogy, Approaches, Imagery and Physiology by Dr Trish Rooney
  • 21st Century Musician, Singer and Teacher by Dr Trish Rooney
  • Historical Development of CCM by Dr Trish Rooney
  • Research Focus videos with Deborah Winter – Designed to give you an overview of existing research on key areas such as: Breathing, Posture, Vocal Registers, Developing voices – Girls and Boys, Aging Voice.
  • Detailed Assignment Guidance and exemplar essays/mark schemes.
  • An online library giving access to a range of journals, articles and books.
  • Research Methods Videos and online library to enable access to relevant articles and journals

Is tutorial support provided?

The provision of support is designed to cater specifically for your needs. You will be mentored through the process as this is an integral part of establishing a pathway that is right for you. You will be offered contact via Zoom or other online platforms if you prefer, where you will be able to chat about your pathway as often as you need by simply booking an appointment.

It is very helpful to discuss project ideas and to re-shape projects as they progress. We also offer group sessions on Zoom to ease isolation and share ideas with other students. We try to offer these at a time that suits everyone, although time differences and work commitments may make this difficult and for this reason, we will record the sessions for you to access the content at a later date.

We try to make use of online devices and when it comes to project queries, students often leave WhatsApp voice messages and this ensures a speedy reply without the need for time consuming typing. This is a useful tool when you have a quick query.

With regards to other support, you will have access to the online library at the University and you are also able to access their support structures. This may, on occasion, involve an application for extenuating circumstances and this application will pass through the academic office. In addition to this, you may apply for an interruption of studies. These regulatory structures are designed to support you and ensure the completion of your MA. This is why we rarely lose students as we are able to cushion them when issues arise. For example, we have had several students experience unexpected bereavements and we have been able, with the support of the university to move them to the next course and temporarily suspend their studies.

Will I be able to fit it into my working commitments and family life?

The course is designed specifically for practitioners who combine a busy working life and family life. The course is designed to study one module at a time. The deadlines are set and students work in tandem with one another. The deadlines give a generous time allocation as your working life is factored into the calculation. Our retention rate is very high with the majority of our students continuing onto the MA.

What opportunities will the course give me?

Until recently, all of our students have been based in the UK and the opportunities created are therefore relevant to their locality. We have recently seen the completion of our first MA and from this cohort of 20:

  • 3 have been accepted to present at EuroVox 2020.
  • 3 have been accepted to present at the Society of Music Education in Ireland.
  • 1 has been asked to present at Mental Health Network conference specialising in Singing and Health.
  • 1 presented her research at the British Voice Association – Vocal Health Forum in 2019.
  • 3 have moved into teaching at University level on the basis of their qualification.


Programme of study Students in Europe Students outside of Europe
PG Certificate £2,995 (VAT inclusive) £2,995 (VAT not applicable)


Programme of study Students in Europe Students outside of Europe
Full MA £8,995 (VAT inclusive) £8,995 (VAT not applicable)

Course fees are all non-refundable.

2021 Course Fee Details

For UK based MA students, do be aware that student finance instalments may not align with the tuition fee schedule. In this case, you will still have to abide by the tuition fee deadlines. This is due to differences in student loan schedules that individual applicants receive and it is not possible to facilitate differing agreements. We would advise you to make sure that you are able to financially commit to this before your application.

MA Course fees

Course fees are all non-refundable (apart from the initial £1,000 which has the refundable 14-day cooling off period) and must be paid in accordance with the instalment schedule below:

  • To reserve a place on the course, you will need to pay a first instalment of £1,000 (VAT inclusive) payable to Voice Workshop Ltd.
  • The second instalment of £1,308 (VAT inclusive) is directly payable to Voice Workshop Ltd by 4thMay 2021.
  • The third instalment of £2,308 (VAT inclusive) is directly payable to Voice Workshop Ltd by 4thMay 2022.
  • The final instalment that is made payable to Voice Workshop Ltd of £2,309 is to be paid by 4thMay 2023.
  • There is a registration fee of £2,070 which is directly payable to University of Wales Trinity St David once enrolment has taken place. This can be paid in instalments.
  • In the unlikely event that the course does not run, all fees will be refunded to you.

PGCert Course fees

Course fees are all non-refundable (apart from the initial £698 which has the refundable 14-day cooling off period) and must be paid in accordance with the instalment schedule below:

  • To reserve a place on the course, you will need to pay a first instalment of £698 (VAT inclusive) payable to Voice Workshop Ltd.
  • The second instalment of £698 (VAT inclusive) is directly payable to Voice Workshop Ltd by 06thJuly 2021.
  • The third instalment of £699 (VAT inclusive) is directly payable to Voice Workshop Ltd. by 06thSeptember 2021.
  • There is a registration fee of £900 which is directly payable to University of Wales Trinity St David once enrolment has taken place.
  • In the unlikely event that the course does not run, all fees will be refunded to you.


  • Bursaries and scholarships are not available for this course.
  • Student Loan Finance is not available for just the Postgraduate Certificate. You will need to enrol onto the entire MA in the beginning for Student Loan Finance to be available to you.

Please note, we are only able to accept students from Northern Ireland who are self-funding or privately funding their studies.

We are unable to accept students funding their studies through Northern Ireland student finance.


If you would like to discuss the course further, we are available for contact via phone or email Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. We aim to get back to you as soon as possible within this time.

Testimonials from students

The transition from performing to teaching is what has motivated me to learn more about the voice. Specifically, there were pedagogical areas that I wanted to explore born out of my performance experience, interests, and teaching challenges. For a time I found professional development opportunities in workshops and on-line. I even completed my certification in the Alexander Technique. While investigating traditional pedagogy degree options, I found that my interests and experiences as an established artist were not taken into consideration. Having a clear and defined area of interest as an opera singer and AT teacher, I already knew where I wanted to begin my research. The freedom to choose an area of specialisation is what led me to the Voice Workshop. The PGCert/MA pathway has been flexible enough for me to direct and refine my research as it evolves. I’ve found Debbie Winter to be accessible, and encouraging. Her mentorship has adapted to my learning style and has even taken some unexpected forays into aspects of career counselling and guidance. As the first long-distance participant in this program, this has been an unexpected and welcome benefit. I highly recommend this program for self-motivated and curious students.

by Michele Capalbo 

Voice Workshop - UWTSD - Centre of Excellence

Who can take the course / qualifications?

A degree or a degree equivalent qualification is preferred. We do accept ABRSM, Trinity and LCM exams providing there is some academic content. For those who do not have the relevant qualifications, we will consider each case individually and we may ask you to complete some written work to establish your academic level.


If you want to learn more about the course and see a sample of the content, then please email darcie@voiceworkshop.co.uk or complete the form below


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