Course Description

This innovative postgraduate pathway enables the academic study of performance coaching for performing artists and facilitates the research of new areas of learning. The modules allow for the design and implementation of new initiatives which seeks to contribute to an individual’s practice, organisation and professional network.

Actors, Singers, Dancers and Musicians often experience career debilitating Performance Anxiety and this MA seeks to:

  • Explore the academic discourse relating to music performance anxiety (MPA) and Coaching and Mentoring
  • To provide specialist training suitable for this client group as no such course currently exists. It will focus on the issues facing this group such as managing pain and recovery from injury, dealing with occupational stress and maintaining health and well-being. It will explore relevant MPA and Coaching models to enable appropriate training to be delivered designed specifically to enhance performance skills
  • Develop practical training strategies applied to practice
  • Develop appropriate research strategies to facilitate applied research
  • To grow a Community of Practice

This online pathway has been developed for both International Students and UK students. It is designed to explore the inter-relationship between theory and practice. The course consists of a number of ‘shell modules’ which allow you to choose your own personalised route. It is important that you explore relevant areas of research that relate closely to your practice and you will be closely mentored to facilitate this development.

Course Structure

Programme of studyCreditsLength of course
PG Certificate6015 months
PG Diploma6010 months
MA608 months
Total MA18033 months

The MA consists of 180 credits in total. There is an opportunity to exit with just 60 credits and a PGCert or 120 credits and a PGDip.

An MA is a lengthy commitment, spanning several years of intensive work which needs to be combined with a demanding professional life and family commitments. For this reason, we advise you to enrol on the PGCert and then continue on the MA pathway. This will enable you to decide if level 7 study fits in with your lifestyle and it also allows you to pay for each stage in instalments. Please be aware that the PGCert is part of the MA as it forms the first 60 credits, it is NOT a separate course. Within the UK, a PGCert is simply the first stage of the MA and exiting here results in a PGCert award. If you do not exit, you will simply continue onto the MA.

Course Content

This course is highly flexible and self-determined and this freedom is highly attractive to practitioners. That said, carving an independent pathway with a view to developing practice can be daunting. We therefore offer a blended learning approach combining taught lectures with independent research. The lectures are diverse and act as a stimulus rather than a rigid syllabus. They provide a framework and act as a springboard, sparking areas of interest and exploration. Below is a list of the content that will be available on the course:

1)    Preparing for MA level writing

2)    Becoming a Reflective Practitioner

3)    Contribute to Performance Practice Coaching through independent projects

4)   Effectively deliver performance enhancement (PE) interventions

5)   Enhancement

6) Effectively deliver music performance anxiety (MPA) Interventions

7) Enhance motivation for practice, performing, auditioning, networking, and other profession-specific behaviours.

8) Navigating the psychological aspects of pain and recovery from injury

9) Navigating other issues affecting well-being

10) Effective Practice

11) Work with performing groups effectively

12) Ethical guidelines for performance coaching

How much support is there?

The provision of support is designed to cater specifically for your needs. You will be mentored through the process as this is an integral part of establishing a pathway that is right for you. You will be offered contact via Zoom or other online platforms if you prefer, where you will be able to chat about your pathway as often as you need by simply booking an appointment.

It is very helpful to discuss project ideas and to re-shape projects as they progress. We also offer group sessions on Zoom to ease isolation and share ideas with other students. We try to offer these at a time that suits everyone, although time differences and work commitments may make this difficult and for this reason, we will record the sessions for you to access the content at a later date.

We try to make use of online devices and when it comes to project queries, students often leave WhatsApp voice messages and this ensures a speedy reply without the need for time consuming typing. This is a useful tool when you have a quick query.

With regards to other support, you will have access to the online library at the University and you are also able to access their support structures. This may, on occasion, involve an application for extenuating circumstances and this application will pass through the academic office. In addition to this, you may apply for an interruption of studies. These regulatory structures are designed to support you and ensure the completion of your MA. This is why we rarely lose students as we are able to cushion them when issues arise. For example, we have had several students experience unexpected bereavements and we have been able, with the support of the university to move them to the next course and temporarily suspend their studies.

Will I be able to fit it into my working commitments and family life?

The course is designed specifically for practitioners who combine a busy working life and family life. The course is designed to study one module at a time. The deadlines are set and students work in tandem with one another. The deadlines give a generous time allocation as your working life is factored into the calculation. Our retention rate is very high with the majority of our students continuing onto the MA.

Who can take the course / qualifications?

A degree or a degree equivalent qualification is preferred. We do accept ABRSM, Trinity and LCM exams providing there is some academic content. For those who do not have the relevant qualifications, we will consider each case individually and we may ask you to complete some written work to establish your academic level.


Programme of studyStudents in EuropeStudents outside of Europe
PG Certificate£2,995 (VAT inclusive)£2,995 (VAT not applicable)


Programme of studyStudents in EuropeStudents outside of Europe
Full MA£8,995 (VAT inclusive)£8,995 (VAT not applicable)

Course fees are all non-refundable.

Enrolling onto just the PGCert

The PGCert must be paid in accordance with the instalment schedule below:

  • To reserve a place on the course, you will need to pay a first instalment of £698 (VAT inclusive) payable to Voice Workshop Ltd.
  • The second instalment of £698 (VAT inclusive) is directly payable to Voice Workshop Ltd by 6th July 2021.
  • The third instalment of £699 (VAT inclusive) is directly payable to Voice Workshop Ltd. by 6th September 2021.
  • There is a registration fee of £900 which is directly payable to University of Wales Trinity St David once enrolment has taken place.

In the unlikely event that the course does not run, all fees will be refunded to you.

Choosing to enrol onto the MA instead of the PGCert

The MA must be paid in accordance with the instalment schedule below:

  • To reserve a place on the course, you will need to pay the first instalment of £1,000 payable to Voice Workshop Ltd.
  • £1,308 – October 2021. This will pay for the remainder of the PGCert.
  • £2,308 – October 2022. This will be the payment that covers the cost of the PGDip.
  • £2,309 – October 2023. This is the final instalment made payable to Voice Workshop which will cover the MA costs.
  • The final instalment is a registration fee of £2,070 which is directly payable to University of Wales, Trinity St David. This will be invoiced within 3 months of starting and can also be paid in instalments.

In the unlikely event that the course does not run, all fees will be refunded to you.

  • Bursaries and scholarships are not available for this course.
  • Student Loan Finance is not available for just the Postgraduate Certificate. You will need to enrol onto the entire MA in the beginning for Student Loan Finance to be available to you.
  • All fees must be paid before the start of the course.

Please note, we are only able to accept students from Northern Ireland who are self-funding or privately funding their studies.

We are unable to accept students funding their studies through Northern Ireland student finance.


If you would like to discuss the course further, we are available for contact via phone or email Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. We aim to get back to you as soon as possible within this time.


If you want to learn more about the course please email darcie@voiceworkshop.co.uk or complete the form below


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