In partnership between the Welsh Academy of Professional Practice, University of Wales (Trinity St David) and Voice Workshop Ltd.

MA/PG Cert Professional Practice (Voice Pedagogy) Singing Voice Pathway ONLINE

Course Description

The MA Professional Practice (Voice Pedagogy) is delivered as a partnership between the Welsh Academy for Professional Practice (Trinity St David) and Voice Workshop. This innovative postgraduate pathway enables the academic study of vocal pedagogy and facilitates the research of new areas of learning. The modules allow for the design and implementation of new initiatives which seeks to contribute to an individual’s practice, organisation and professional network.

This online pathway has been developed for both International Students and UK students. It is designed to explore the inter-relationship between theory and practice. The course consists of a number of ‘shell modules’ which allow you to choose your own personalised route. It is important that you explore relevant areas of research that relate closely to your practice and you will be closely mentored to facilitate this development.

The course consists of micro projects, allowing you to explore different aspects of your practice simultaneously.

When students are faced with the prospect of research, they are often unsure of where to begin. We provide a series of online videos which stimulate your imagination and allow you to explore different areas of research.

You will also receive step by step guidance on how to complete the assignments and engage in research.

The online videos will provide you with a core understanding upon which you can build and garner research ideas that can then be applied to your practice.  This course facilitates the exploration of a diverse and often conflicting field. You will be able to carve out your own pathway and draw your own conclusions.

It is ideal for those who are working as vocal coaches/singing teachers or for those from a music background who wish to gain a firmer understanding of vocal pedagogy.

For a PDF Prospectus, please contact danielle@voiceworkshop.co.uk

Pre-course process

The course structure is as follows.

  • After an initial enquiry, we will liaise with you via skype, telephone and email to establish your learning needs. If you feel satisfied with the process, we will send you an application form.
  • You will submit your application form and documentation for approval.
  • Acceptance on to the course will be confirmed via a letter of acceptance
  • An initial deposit will be paid. See the fees section
  • You will be assigned a tutor
  • You will gain access to the online forum.

Course Structure

This MA is divided into two stages:

Stage 1: PG Cert – 60 Credits

Stage 2: MA – 120 Credits

An MA is a lengthy commitment, spanning several years of intensive work which needs to be combined with a demanding professional life and family commitments. For this reason, we advise you to enrol on the PGCert and then continue on the MA pathway.

This will enable you to decide if level 7 study fits in with your lifestyle and it also allows you to pay for each stage in instalments.

Course Content

  • Online Welcome and Introductory Session.
  • Basic Overview Videos delivered by Dr Jenevora Williams: Posture/Muscular Skeletal relationships, Breathing, Larynx and the Vocal Tract and Vocal Health.
  • Practical Acoustics with Ken Bozeman.
  • Introduction to Psycho-acoustics with Ian Howell.
  • Music Performance Anxiety with Dr David Juncos.
  • Research Focus videos with Deborah Winter – Designed to give you an overview of existing research on key areas such as: Breathing, Posture, Vocal Registers, Developing voices – Girls and Boys, Aging Voice.
  • Detailed Assignment Guidance and exemplar essays/mark schemes.
  • An online library giving access to a range of journals, articles and books.
  • Research Methods Videos and online library to enable access to relevant articles and journals.
  • Tutorial supervision provided by Skype/telephone.

Who can take the course / qualifications?

A degree or a degree equivalent qualification is preferred. We do accept ABRSM, Trinity and LCM exams providing there is some academic content. For those who do not have the relevant qualifications, we will consider each case individually and we may ask you to complete some written work to establish your academic level.


Postgraduate Certificate 

£2,995 (VAT inclusive)

Course fees are all non-refundable and must be paid in accordance with the instalment schedule below:

  • To reserve a place on the course, you will need to pay the first instalment of £1,000 (VAT inclusive) payable to Voice Workshop Ltd.
  • The second instalment of £1095 (VAT inclusive) is directly payable to Voice Workshop Ltd.
  • The final instalment is a registration fee of £900 which is directly payable to University of Wales Trinity St David before the start of the course.

In the unlikely event that the course does not run, all fees will be refunded to you.

  • Bursaries are not available for this course.
  • Student Loan Finance is not available for the Postgraduate Certificate.
  • All fees must be paid before the start of the course.

Opting onto the MA

You may choose to continue the course onto the MA. The additional cost of this is £5,995 (VAT inclusive). This will be made available to you in due course.



If you want to learn more about the course and see a sample of the content, then please email danielle@voiceworkshop.co.uk or complete the form below

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