Voice Workshop Ltd provides continuing professional development and teacher training for singing teachers, music directors and choral conductors.


Pedagogy in Perspective: Developing the Gospel/Soul Singer with Trineice Robinson-Martin - Tuesday 18th August, starting 4pm (UK time)

This 2 hour workshop will specifically delve into the style of gospel/soul music from both a pedagogic and singers’ perspective. Pedagogy in Perspective relates to the identification of generic components of music expression commonly found in folk-based African-American music styles.


A closer look at the Laryngeal Musculature with Jenevora Williams - Sunday 23rd August, 10am to 3pm (UK time)

This day is primarily designed for our MA students but it may also be useful to anyone else with an interest in the laryngeal mechanism. The day will involve a close examination of the laryngeal musculature and its impact on voicing.


Vocal Rehabilitation: Practical Application with Jenevora Williams - Monday 24th August, 10am to 3pm (UK time)

This day is designed for our MA students but may be of interest to those who are looking to gain a greater understanding of vocal rehabilitation. It will be interactive in terms of content where you will be working through a series of case studies.

Working with Spoken Voice with Barbara Houseman - Tuesday 25th August, 10am to 3pm (UK time)

This course is designed for MA students but it may also be useful for participants interested in learning more about working with spoken voice. This practical day will involve exercising centring around mindfulness and voice, dealing with your inner critic and working with text and song.


Understanding Music Performance Anxiety with Teresa Shaw - 26th August 2020, 10am to 3pm (UK time)

This module aims to look at the phenomenon of Music Performance Anxiety (MPA) with specific relevance to the voice and voice teaching.


Singing in the Brain with Heidi Moss - Thursday 27th August, 10am to 3pm (UK time)

This 5 hour course will focus on ‘Singing in the Brain’. This will be a 5 hour series of 5 parts: the basics, evolution and learning, motor learning theory, emotions and current research.


One More Time with Feeling; The Use of Emotion for Training Singers with Kate Sheppeard – Tuesday 1st September, 5pm (UK time)

This one hour webinar will explore the use of emotion as a pedagogical tool when training singers.


Understanding Dysmusia with Deborah Aloba - Tuesday 29th September, 5pm (UK Time)

This one 1 hour webinar will relate to the work that Deborah has undertaken in relation to exploring the best methods of teaching students who present with learning difficulties and in particular dyslexia.


“Beyond the Major Scale”: Engaging the ear and voice in vocal exercises with Kim Chandler. Tuesday 13th October at 5PM (UK Time)

Vocal exercises are used by singers and singing teachers alike to help develop, refine and establish various aspects of vocal technique. But vocal exercises can also be harnessed to develop a singer’s musicianship alongside technique.


Singing for Health: Short Course Training - November 12th, 19th 26th, and December 3rd, 10th, and 17th at 5pm-7pm (UK Time)

We are now offering Singing for Health training in association with the Singing for Health Network. This course forms part of our MA but can be studied as a standalone option.


Singing for Health Network Series
Workshop 1
Singing for Trauma, Depression and Anxiety with Emily Foulkes
5pm – 7pm (UK time)
November 12th

  • An introduction to Singing for Mental Health research
  • The impact of trauma on mental and physical health
  • Evidence based approaches to working with children and young people
  • Delivering an online Singing and Mindfulness programme for adults with anxiety and/or depression – outcomes and findings of a small scale research project

Singing for Health Network Series
Workshop 2
Singing for Chronic Pain with Emily Foulkes
5pm – 7pm (UK time)
November 19th

  • What is pain?
  • Research summary of singing and its potential to support pain management
  • Implications for practice based on evidence and research

• Case study of Cornwall programme

Live Music Now training day/symposium at Kings Place, London. 16.2.18 ©Richard Eaton

Singing for Health Network Series
Workshop 3 with Phoene Cave: Singing for Lung Health
5pm – 7pm (UK time)
November 26th

This workshop will be delivered by Phoene Cave and will be different to one presented for the Voice Geek Conference. Details to follow shortly.


Singing for Health Network Series
Workshop 4 with Sophie Garner: Singing for Stroke
5pm – 7pm (UK time)
December 3rd

The session will cover:

  • Stroke and the population
  • Brain function and personality
  • Types of brain injury
  • Depression and brain injury
  • Working with the client group
  • Developing an evidence based framework
  • Exercises to take away

Singing for Health Network Series
Workshop 5 with Elizabeth Stuttard: Singing for Parkinsons
5pm – 7pm (UK time)
December 10th


Voice Workshops

Health and wellbeing: Singing for Parkinson’s



  • The student will gain a holistic understanding of the symptoms of Parkinson’s.
  • The student will understand the neural, cognitive, and motor learning challenges present within sessions.
  • Teachers and facilitators will experience how to use their existing knowledge of vocal pedagogy and body mapping to create an enhanced singing programme specifically targeting the needs of their clients.


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